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Here at StacheTATS, we know life is too short to walk around being serious all the time.  That's why we created awesome temporary tattoos that make for some pretty sweet fake mustaches if we do say so ourselves.  

Of course we have all the classic styles of mustaches you could ever want, perfect for costumes, parties, or showing support for the guys during Mustache November.  We also make some of the coolest licensed temporary tattoos for your favorite sports teams, including over 50 NCAA teams and all 30 NHL teams.  

We've recently added Opposuit's great-fitting, stylish suits for men to our line of products.  Whether you sport the jacket as a blazer or just the pants during a golf outing, these suits pair perfectly with StacheTATS' love for the ridiculous. 

So live a little bit larger.  Throw on the best fake mustache money can buy.  Get crazy with these awesome suits and temporary tattoos and say hello to a fun, trend-setting lifestyle. The smile epidemic has begun. Now get out there and have some fun.

More Than Just Awesome Mustache Temporary Tattoos

'Tis the Season of Fake Mustache

September is already coming to an end. The leaves are starting to turn, temperatures are dropping, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattés are a flowin’. While it may be difficult to cope with stowing those summer outfits away and soon turning forward your clocks for daylight savings, there is one major upside to this time of year we at StacheTATS especially look forward to: it’s fake mustache season baby.  


That’s right, the close of September means Halloween is nearly upon us. We’ve been excitedly anticipating this Halloween season with our new fake mustache costume additions, such as the News Anchor, the Fuzz, the Kitty Tat, and plenty more. No longer do lovers of awesome costumes have to search high and low for that fake mustache that ties your outfit together.


Not only that, but those itchy, stick on ‘staches of ‘94 that fall off at the mere thought of a smile, are now moving toward extinction as StacheTATS storm the market. Riddle us this: why bother with one of those pesky, made-in-China, stick-on products when you can have an itch-less, realistic looking fake mustache that will withstand the most vigorous beverage consumption possible? Trust us, we’ve done rigorous testing, and StacheTATS pass with flying colors. That’s the quality you get when you go with an American made product.


So this Halloween, and even into Mustache November, (or Movember if you will), test out the best new option on the market as far as drinkability, smile-ability, and being awesome-ability are concerned. If you’re curious where to buy a great fake mustache by you, check out our “Where to Buy” tab. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery and phenomenal customer service, so if there isn’t a location near you that carries StacheTATS, we’ll make sure to get you your pack in time for your next costume party.


It isn’t just Halloween we’re stoked for. Mustache season is much longer than just October. As a matter of fact, Movember may be the most exciting thing on our plate coming up in the next months. During an entire month dedicated to raising awareness around men’s health, we will be gallivanting around in the burliest of StacheTATS, and we hope you do too.


Why not just grow your own one might ask? Well for one, “Ain’t nobody time for that.” And two, growing your own mustache is no easy feat unless you have some Mario and Luigi’s in your gene pool. While the effort to grow a lush, manly lip sweater of your own can turn out to be very rewarding, we’ve found that people are extremely satisfied with a realistic looking StacheTAT as an alternative. Try the Don Juan for instance, or perhaps the Fuentes. You’ll be surprised at just how great they look on, and application takes about 30 seconds in total. If you can grow a real mustache in 30 seconds or less, then you have no need for our product; save your money and use it to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


We hope you are all as excited for Halloween and Movember as we are. It’s going to be a great mustache season, so get yourself ready with a few of awesome styles of StacheTATS. Cheers everyone!

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What makes our Temporary Tattoo Mustaches better than other Fake Mustaches?

Geez, where to start…


Well, if you’ve ever gone to a mustache bash with friends and all gotten the stick-on ones you might buy at Spencer’s or another gag gift store, you know how much of a nuisance they can be.  That mustache is going to last about 20 minutes, until your upper lip naturally starts to perspire or you go for that first beverage of the night. 


Not only that, but if your fake mustache does actually stay on, you’re going to be itching it relentlessly the entire night.  Sounds like a great time… And believe us, we know how it goes.  We are mustache connoisseurs.  That’s how we initially thought of the idea of doing fake mustaches in the form of temporary tattoos.  We at StacheTATS say, out with the old, and in with the new!


 This Halloween, StacheTATS aims to solve all of your fake mustache woes because our temporary tattoos are the perfect tie in for any funny mustache costume you choose.  Not only will you find plenty of different themes in our costume section, but  also our value is unmatchable.  Each pack comes with hilarious cheek tattoos, on top of the ‘staches that will actually last you all night and into the morning if you really want. 


So go browse around, maybe you are looking for the Reno 911 Cop Mustache, or the perfect Ron Burgundy mustache for you and all your friends who want to dress up as the Anchorman cast for Halloween.  For those of you going for the Captain Jack Sparrow Costume, we have a Pirate mustache pack that will knock your socks off.  But enough about our selection and back to the benefits of mustaches in the form of temporary tattoos…


You want to throw back an icy cold beverage with one of our mustaches on?  Please do! We know you’ll be pleased with the stunningly suave mustache that remains perfectly in tact.  Not only that, but our mustaches look pretty dang real from a reasonable distance, unlike those stick-on beaver pelt ones you get charged too much for at that creepy store in the mall. 


All it takes for removal is an alcohol wipe that comes including in each of the packs… It’s that easy.


We’re also launching our newly updated line of NCAA and NHL temporary tattoos which are perfect fan items, especially if you are feeling any of the following emotions:  Sad your team lost in the Stanley Cup? Well we have some New York Rangers temporary tattoos for all you fans out there wanting to cheer your team to a championship in 2014.  Bummed out your team didn’t win the BCS National Championship?  Well SEC fans, we’ve got Auburn temporary tattoos that will have Cam Newton wishing he was back in college. 


We’ve got the gamut of sports temporary tattoos, and will soon be launching a line of sorority and fraternity temporary tattoos as well.  More to come on this later…


There are a lot of exciting things ahead from StacheTATS, so stay tuned to our website and social media sites for more information.  Thanks for reading and keep being awesome all you StacheTATS fans!

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Supplement Your NHL Playoff Beard with a StacheTAT

Ahh NHL playoff season…what a wonderful time of year.  It’s a balls to the wall competition to bring home the Stanley Cup for the team who reigns supreme.  Of course, there’s the coaching, the strategy, the players, but the X-factor that really gives a team the edge?  Facial hair… Yup, it’s Beard-a-thon. 

Think about it.  When is the last time you saw a player hoist a Stanley Cup with smooth baby-face?  Oh that’s right, never.  And it’s not just the players that get involved; it’s the die hard fans too.  Hockey playoffs are to facial hair as Ovechkin is to Communist Russia.  Fans, it’s time throw all professionalism to the wind and grow out that gnarly playoff beard.  

As a company that makes temporary mustache tattoos, may we make a very humble suggestion? And for those of you die-hards who grow out a playoff beard ever year, you can pretty much stop reading now.  But hey, why not throw on your favorite team’s mustache next time you go to a game or watch it with your friends?  That’s right, you can now take part in Beard-a-thon, ladies, without being shunned by society.  As a matter of fact, were inclined to think you’ll be celebrated by everyone in your social circle when you show up with the baddest mustache around- your favorite team’s NHL mustache. 

For all you hockey-loving rug rats, (mom’s-we know junior doesn’t read blogs so we’re actually talking to you) what a way to look cool like dad than with a stache?  And not just any stache…  How about a Colorado Avalanche stache? Or a Philadelphia Flyers Stache? (That’s our prediction of the Stanely Cup, by the way).   It doesn’t stop at that.  Our new NHL packs come with a full set of awesome temporary tattoos.  Each pack comes standard with adorable cheek tattoos, sweet eye-blacks, and several more.  If you’re looking for a one up on the competition, then look no further. 


This year, you don’t have look like a person on the set of Duck Dynasty to give your team that Beard-a-Thon mojo.  We have a better solution; one that’s a little more temporary.  Get your team’s temporary mustache and cheek tattoos now!  It just might make all this difference in your team’s playoff run.  


Don't believe us?  Check out this article posted on Yahoo Sports.

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